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Prim Stars Pumpkin Raven Sign

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Elevate your fall decor with the charming rustic appeal of the Prim Stars Pumpkin Raven MDF Sign. This tabletop decoration features a square shape measuring 5x5 inches, perfectly sized for adding a touch of seasonal flair to any tabletop or shelf. Crafted from durable MDF material, the sign showcases a primitive design with a raven perched atop a pumpkin, surrounded by primitive stars. The mustard yellow base provides a warm backdrop for the striking contrast of the raven black accents, adding depth and visual interest to the piece. This sign is ideal for those who appreciate primitive and rustic decor styles, adding a touch of nostalgia and whimsy to any room in your home.

Whether displayed in the bedroom, dining room, entryway, kitchen, or living room, it serves as a delightful focal point that captures the essence of fall. With its wipe-clean surface and distressed appearance, this MDF sign offers both durability and easy maintenance, ensuring that it remains a cherished part of your fall decor for seasons to come. Whether used as a standalone accent piece or incorporated into a larger fall-themed arrangement, the Prim Stars Pumpkin Raven MDF Sign brings a sense of rustic charm and autumnal beauty to your home.


  • Add a touch of rustic charm to your tabletop decor with this MDF sign featuring a primitive design of a raven sitting atop a pumpkin, adorned with primitive stars, set against a mustard yellow base.
  • Crafted in a square shape and measuring 5x5 inches, this tabletop sign is compact yet impactful, making it an ideal accent piece for your bedroom, dining room, entryway, kitchen, or living room decor.
  • The graphic print of the primitive raven theme, combined with the distressed appearance, creates a vintage-inspired look that enhances the overall rustic appeal of the sign.
  • Easy to maintain, simply wipe this tabletop sign clean with a soft cloth to keep it looking fresh and vibrant throughout the holiday season.
  • The mustard yellow base paired with the raven black accents lends a classic and timeless aesthetic to the sign, making it suitable for various fall and Halloween-themed decor schemes.
  • Whether displayed alone or as part of a tabletop vignette, this MDF sign adds a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to your home decor, bringing the spirit of the season to any space.
  • Wipe Clean with Soft Cloth


  • Material: 100% MDF
  • Colors: Mustard Yellow, Raven Black
  • Hanging Method: D-Ring Hanger
  • Care: Wipe Clean with Soft Cloth
  • Dimensions: 5" x 5" x 1"

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