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Solid Perfume Handmade with Beeswax - Earth Lover

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Our beeswax solid perfume is made with wax sourced from Messner Bee Farm hives and the hives of other local beekeepers. The wax seals in the essential oils, and the sunflower oil is moisturizing and makes the perfume just the right texture. This fragrance is rich, earthy, complex and exotic. Think a walk in the forest after a rainstorm: damp pine with undertones of spicy citrus and sweet florals. Earth Lover is made with Frankincense, Rose and Patchouli. 

Awesome beeswax facts: beeswax is a blend of about 300 components and at least 48 contribute to the aroma. It is naturally white but is colored by pigments found in the pollen that bees collect. The bees need food to be able to produce wax and it takes between 5 1/2 and 8 lbs of honey to make 1 lb wax comb. The average worker bee produces about 1/12th teaspoon of honey in her lifetime. 

  • Made in the USA
  • Ingredients: beeswax, sunflower oil, natural dried rosebud, rose, frankincense and patchouli and vitamin e
  • COMPONENTS:  1 perfume tin

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