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Log Cabin Playset - Lange General Store

Log Cabin Playset

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A classic since the 1930's, building pleasure for kids of all ages with ALL REAL WOOD pieces. The 73 piece Log Cabin Playset by Roy Toy offers versatility & building satisfaction. 

Years ago, Roy Dennison grew tired of seeing his grandchildren play with round logs that failed to fit together well & watched with dismay as their cabins shifted & collapsed. Those falling buildings ignited a man's passion and a classic American tradition was born. Wooden building toys improved immensely. Roy Toy became a hallmark of American toy innovation. A tighter, interlocking fit to logs made buildings more sound & realistic and provided his grandchildren & countless other children with hours of fun. Some things never change.

Today's children love the stability & versatility of Roy Toy original log building sets. Promoting planning, logical thinking, problem-solving, creativity & self-confidence, these simple, straightforward toys are fun for all ages. The 73 piece Log Cabin Playset by Roy Toy offers building enticement with classic solid pine logs, green roof planks & red gables-ALL REAL WOOD in a durable 11 inch canister. 

Made in the USA.

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