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Amish Cake Tester

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Our Amish Cake Tester is the authentic more accurate way to bake a cake that's fully cooked in the center. Made in America by Amish crafters in Lancaster PA, this natural corn broom is a great addition to cake making and baking supplies for easy and accurate cake testing. Straw's natural texture holds raw batter better than using metal cake testers. The narrow profile wont leave large holes behind that need to be filled or patched. Longer than toothpicks, the corn husk straws (measuring approximately 3.5-inches) reach deeper into cakes for more accuracy than the toothpick test.

The hanger loop allows it to be stored conveniently near the oven. It's safe for use with non-stick cake pans and baking pans and makes a great kitchen decoration, too. So easy to use. Simply break a strand from the straw broom and insert it into the cake's center. If the straw comes out clean, the cake is fully cooked. If raw batter clings to the straw, the cake needs more time to cook. Whether learning how to bake a cake from scratch or using cake mixes, it's perfect for making cake of all types, like red velvet cake, mini cakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, brownies, cheesecakes, brownies, even quick breads, like banana bread or cornbread.

Use a single straw to pierce air holes in pastry dough or pie crust to eliminate bubbles. For cake decorating, use it to dust crumbs from the surface of a cake before applying icing, draw or stipple on icing decorations, etch line art into fondant, and more. Amish made from natural corn husk, the Amish Cake Tester is easy to use, versatile, and safe for use with nonstick bakeware. Each straw from the broom is intended for single use and is disposable for easy cleanup.


  • Measurements:  6" L x 2.375" Dia. 1.6 oz ( approx 3.5" broken off )
  • Material:  Corn Husk
  • Made in the USA



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