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Babitos Carnivalitos-Lange General Store

Babitos Carnivalitos

  • $ 16.99

Babitos are adorable baby stuffed animals wrapped in a plush mini waffle cone blanket. This soft surprise is all bundled up in an ice cream cone that can be used for play! There are a variety of animals that can be wrapped inside including a Cattito, Turtlito, or a Hedgehogito. When each Babito is unwrapped, find a blue or pink diaper for a fun gender-reveal surprise! Check out the pet collector card included, telling you all about your pet’s “sweet spot”, birthday, species, and name. Unroll your new furry friend and get ready for some yummy, sweet fun!

Cutetitos have everyone’s favorite adorable stuffed animals wrapped in fun foodie blankets. Cute furry friends and delicious treats, what could be better! Each Cutetito is ready to be unrolled and discovered! Which soft new pet will you reveal? Can you collect them all, even the super rare ones?

  • Ages:  3 +
  • Dimensions:  3 × 3 × 5.5 in

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