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Botanical Hydrangea Pottery Candles-Lange General Store

Botanical Hydrangea Pottery Candles

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Swan Creek Candle Company® Botanical Hydrangea Pottery Candles. Clean-burning, triple-scented and deliciously fragrant, these delightful candles feature premium 100% American Soybean Wax™ and are a perfect addition to your décor.     Makes a great gift!


  • Small Pot - Fresh Strawberry
  • Small Pot - Lavender & Lemongrass
  • Small Pot - Citrus & Sage - savor the soothing fragrance of fresh citrus and aromatic sage
  • Small Pot - Crisp Cotton - the clean and warm feel of freshly laundered pure cotton
  • Small Pot - Thai Pear - fresh and crisp, a pure pear fragrance with earthy notes on the back end


  • Large Pot - Vanilla Pound Cake - the tempting scent of homemade vanilla pound cake
  • Large Pot - Cherry Almond Buttercream - dark, sweet cherries, roasted Italian almonds and whipped fresh buttercream are layered with hints of black plum and mandarin
  • Large Pot - Thai Pear - fresh and crisp, a pure pear fragrance with earthy notes on the back end
  • Large Pot - Farmers Market - a cornucopia for the senses - earthy wood notes, green leaves, summer citrus and bamboo all combine together to replicate a fresh, local market with hints of wild grass as an undertone. Fresh, light and layered! 
  • Large Pot - Spa Day - peaceful, relaxing and rejuvenating, a sense of calm descends upon you with this herbal blend of crushed rosemary, white thyme, Roman chamomile and hints of forest wood - it smells just like a day at the spa.


  • Small Round Pot Pot 4 oz. - Measures 3.5"H x 2.75"Wwith a 20+ hour burn time
  • Large Round Pot 14 oz. - Measures 4.75"H x 4"W with a 70+ hour burn time.
  • Eco-friendly soy wax candles
  • Clean-burning
  • 100% cotton, lead free wick
  • Made in USA

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