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Jenson Collection Rugs

  • $ 19.99

Jenson Jute Rug Oval Collection features navy, tan, brown and natural tones. Colors are mingled in concentric braids, with the center and border in solid blue. Specifications: Braided; Machine stitched; Variations of brown, navy, light blue, and tan braided jute. Spot clean only.

The Latex Stair Tread has a light latex spray on reverse to prevent slippage.

 Oval  20" x 30"
 Oval  27" x 48"
 Oval  36" x 60"
 Oval  48" x 72"
 Oval  60" x 96"
 Stair Tread Latex Oval  8.5" x 27"
 Stair Tread Oval  8.5" x 27"

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