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Mrs. Anderson's 8-piece Pie Marker

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Mrs. Anderson's Pie Marker scores the top of pies with a visible guideline for cutting 8 even slices. The Pie Marker, also known as a pie divider, is designed to work with all types of pies, 9-inch or larger, including frozen and homemade pies. Whether just learning how to make pie or perfecting a pie crust from scratch, this must-have of baking supplies removes the guesswork, so slicing equal portions is a piece of cake. Speaking of cake, it works great as a cake marker, too!

  • Simple to use; center over pie and gently press downward; remove pie marker and cut along perforations; minimal assembly required to attach handle
  • Works for 9-inch pies or larger; cutting equal pieces controls cost and reduces waste; serving equal portions allows for a professional presentation
  • Pierce pies before baking to vent steam and bake crispy crusts; mark cake, cheesecake, tarts, quiche, and pizza for easier slicing equal portions
  • Easy to use; sturdy, durable and reusable; hand wash in warm, soapy water

Use it to pierce steam vents into pie crust before baking for crispier crusts, mark portions into cheesecakes, tarts, single-pan skillet cookies or pan cookies, and score savory dishes, like quiche, chicken pot pie, shepards pie, pasty, and pizza. Cutting identical portions helps control costs and reduce waste. Serving equal portions at family meals, party buffets, and holiday meals makes a nicer presentation and helps thwart squabbles at the table, at least over the larger piece of dessert.

Easy to use. Simply attach the easy-grip handle and it's ready for use. Center the Pie Marker on top of the pie and gently press downward. Carefully remove the Pie Marker, lifting straight upward, then slice along the perforated lines using a cake knife, cake cutter, pie knife or other appropriate cutter. For larger slices, simply cut along every other line. Mrs. Anderson's Pie Marker with easy-grip handle is sturdy, durable and reusable. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.

Pie Plate & Pie not included.

Dimensions: 9" Dia x 2.25" H 4.4 oz

Material:  Cast Aluminum

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