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Patriotic Patch Sham

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Invite the traditional Americana colors of red, navy blue and tan intro your home or retreat with the quilted Patriotic Patch Sham. Eye-catching with assorted patchwork blocks, this euro sham is sure to be enjoyed for years to come.

The Patriotic Patch Shams are 100% cotton shell and batting. Machine pieced, hand stitched quilting. Backing has 3" overlap with 3-button closure to conceal pillow insert, plus extra button sewn to inseam for maintenance.

The Euro Fabric Sham is square with knife-edge finish. Back features 3" overlap and 3 buttons to conceal pillow insert, plus an extra button sewn to the inside lining for maintenance.

Available in Standard, King and Euro sizes. Each sham sold individually.

 Standard  21" x 27"
 King  21" x 37"
 Euro Sham  26" x 26"
 Euro Fabric Sham  26" x 26"

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