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Skeeter Screen Spreadable Insect Deterrent-Lange General Store

Skeeter Screen Spreadable Insect Deterrent

  • $ 29.99

Don’t let the mosquitoes spoil all the fun… A safe and effective outdoor barrier treatment. Safe around children and pets! Will not harm beneficial insects! Great floral scent!   Everything you love about Skeeter Screen in a spreadable form. All natural mosquito deterrent for yard, garden, patio & animal bedding – or anywhere people gather outside!

  • Each container will cover up to 3,000 square feet of outdoor space
  • Has a shaker lid for easy broadcasting around your ground cover
  • Use on ivy, bushes, or anywhere else mosquitoes hide
  • Great to use before an outdoor party, in kennels, or the bedding of horse and chicken coops
  • Biodegradable & safe
  • Made with corn cobs

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