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Taters of the Ozarks

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The Spudfields and McTaters are in a feud! In Taters of the Ozarks, author Deanna Harris, with vivid imagination and clever wit, introduces the Spudfields and McTaters, families not unlike others-except that they're potatoes. And what makes these families of taters stand out? In a unique, flowing poetic style, Deanna Harris recounts their heated, epic hostility. Even though the struggle began many years ago, these families attempt to hold their grudges until the end-but can they?

In this touching story of forgiveness and family, a young spud from each family dares to fall in love. Tempers flair and any hope of reconciliation appears to be impossible. However, when faced with an outside enemy that could destroy them all, the Spudfields and McTaters must band together if they are to have any chance of survival.

  • Paperback
  • 72 Pages
  • Author: Deanna Lynn Harris
  • Published July 2015
  • Dimensions: 5" x 8"

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