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Turtles on the Highway

Posted by Alicia Rehmert on

Turtles crossing the highway….a frequent sight at this time of the year here in the Ozarks. Every time I see one it takes me back to memories when I was a kid of the annual VFW picnic in June.  First my brothers and I would search the back roads a couple of days before the picnic, each find what looked to be the fastest turtle alive, take them home to their own special cardboard boxes filled with grass, feed them with lettuce to give them plenty of energy, and hope they didn't escape in the backyard in the middle of the night. Then……off to the picnic with our turtles. 

Memories of the picnic…..WWII Veterans in their VWF hats including my Grandpa Bill, riding my crepe paper decorated bicycle in the parade, iced-down Sun Drop soda pop in bottles pulled from a big galvanized cattle stock tank, bingo, fish sandwiches, old-time car rides, the 3-legged race with burlap sacks, and of course the TURTLE race!  Turtles with our initials painted on their shells were corralled together underneath a galvanized wash tub.  Sam, the Veteran who oversaw the race, would remove that tub and the turtles were off to the races!  First turtle that made it to the outside of the roped circle won.  Mine never did win, but really I won anyway.  What wonderful memories I have.


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There are plenty of things to do here in the Ozarks in June.  After you’ve hiked, biked, floated, camped or finished your sightseeing for the day, stop downtown across from our general store and visit the Soda Fountain for the John Ford Coley show on June 23rd.  Peaceful Bend Winery and the Red Moose Vineyard have live music on the weekends.   Check out the Calendar for more events.
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June 2, 2016

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