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Old School and New Lessons

Posted by Alicia Rehmert on

Hi Folks,

First the Story……

With our boys back in school for a new year and seeing those yellow buses on the road, it brings to mind how much things have changed over the years.  My Grandma Berniece received her schooling in a one-room country schoolhouse here in the Ozarks during the Great Depression – a pot-bellied stove in the corner, old wooden desks, a blackboard with chalk, one teacher for all 8 grades, and a school bell outside with a pull rope.   After the 8th Grade, Grandma wanted more schooling at the high school in town.. It held classes up to the 10th grade.  However she didn’t get to finish school as the 3 mile walk to school and 3 miles back ended up being just too far.  Like all children raised on a farm, she still had chores to do after that long trek home.  

I have vivid memories of visiting that farm as a young girl.   No running water, no electricity, big old wood cookstove in the kitchen (hot, hot, hot in the summer!),  a weathered 2-story clapboard farmhouse, chickens and turkeys running in the yard, drinking cool water straight from the cistern, corn in the field, eggs in the henhouse, and green trees, hills and fields all around and a big blue sky…..what a beautiful place to raise a family.   This was in the 1970’s and it was like time had stood still.  I guess Great-Grandma wanted it that way.
Cut away to today…..astro-turfed high school football fields, smart boards instead of blackboards, Chromebooks instead of pencil and paper, parties, parties, and more parties for “learning” and “being good”, air-conditioned schools and air-conditioned busses.    Are we pampering our kids or what?!   They’re actually missing out on some really good things in life -- the feeling of riding on a bus with the windows down and wind blowing in your hair, the pecking sound of chalk  during 4th grade math contests at the blackboard, the feel and smell of real grass after a football tackle, and getting out of school a little early on a hot day.   What fun!

Sometimes new isn’t always better.
Now on to the Stuff…..


Alicia's Quick Tip

We get a lot of questions from customers about how to brew loose-leaf tea. (Cinnamon Orange Spice is one of our Favorite Flavors!)  Here's one easy way to make iced teause a Coffee Maker! To brew, simply put a coffee filter in the brew basket and add your tea. Add about 1 teaspoon per one cup of water (depending on your desired strength). Turn on your coffee pot and VOILA!  After brewing, pour tea in a pitcher and add water, ice, and sugar. 


Abilene Star Quilt

It's time to change out that bedroom to FALL colors. The Abilene Star Collection features warm, Autumn rustic colors with plaids and stars laid out in a five patch star pattern to create a down home country inspired look for your home.


Steelville Happenings

Fall is a beautiful time to visit the Ozarks with warm days and low humidity.   It’s music season here in Steelville with the kickoff of POCO this weekend at Wildwood Springs Lodge, Dawn Day at the Meramec Music Theatre, and music at the local wineries.   We have art exhibits at Gallery Zeke and plenty of outdoor activities in the area – fishing, camping, floating, hiking and biking.

See the Calendar for a full list of activities and music shows.  The Fall season is just packed with things to do.

Come See Us,      

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