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Pop Fly and Baseball

Posted by Alicia Rehmert on

Hi Folks,

One warm evening this past week before the lightening bugs came out for the night, I looked out the window from our farmhouse while finishing up paperwork at my desk.  My boys were taking baseball batting practice in the yard.  Todd was pitching and our daughter, Fallon who was visiting had joined in too.

I shut the computer down for the night and took a cup of our Hazelnut Crème coffee outside with me to sit in the rocking chair, relax and watch my family for a little while.  It wasn’t long before one of the boys said, “Mom, do you want to hit a few balls too?”   Since it was one of those long work days, my answer was “No, I’m too tired.”    But then as I sat there drinking my coffee, I remembered one of my fondest memories of my Dad from when me was a young girl --- Pop hitting fly balls to my brothers and I in the backyard.  We loved it and Pop must have too since he had a smile on his face the entire time.
So I got up out of the rocking chair and said, “Hand me that bat, I’ll take a few swings.”  Oh my goodness, what fun I had.   My kids laughed, I laughed and the entire time I’m thinking that hopefully I’m making memories for my children too.   And guess what, this girl still has it after all these years.  I can still hit that ball!

Alicia's Quick Tip

It’s canning season here in the Ozarks and we’re making pickles in 10 Minutes!  Farm Stand Dill-icious Pickle Mix makes it easy.  Just boil water, add vinegar and cucumbers, and your pickles are ready in 10 minutes.  They’re tasty, dill-icious and easy!


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If you’re looking for something to do in July, check out the Calendar of events for what's going on here in the beautiful Ozark Mountains.  Lots of music happening - Supe Granda of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Tim Shelton, The Collingsworth Family, Phil Vassar, OutShyne…….and more.  Float, hike, enjoy the music, take a sip at the wineries, or visit our historic sites.  And don’t forget, play ball with your kids!

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